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Scholarship Committee

  • Gabriel Garcia, Chairperson

  • Silvia Martinez, Officer

  • Roland Nieto,  Sergeant


Houston Police Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers 2019 Scholarship Application.

The Houston Police Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers (OSSO) Scholarship Program provides annual scholarships to the immediate family of active and retired OSSO members in good standing.

The student must meet the qualifications and requirements set forth by the Scholarship Committee to be eligible. Last year OSSO provided seven (7) scholarship awards.  However, as funds and donations vary every year, the Scholarship Committee will determine the number of scholarships and amounts to be awarded on a yearly basis. 

This year OSSO will provide up to ten (10) scholarship awards.  The scholarship winners will receive a percentage of five thousand dollars as follows:  1st place 25%, 2nd place 20%, 3rd place 15%, 4th place 10%, and 5th - 10th place 5%.  In the event that there a fewer than ten qualified applicants, the remaining scholarship funds will be disbursed equally to scholarship recipients.

Scholarships will be awarded based on information provided in the application form, financial need, the student’s ability to complete the application as instructed, and the applicant’s essay.  

Once the applicant has been notified by the Committee Chairperson that he/she has been selected as a scholarship recipient, the applicant must complete a signed OSSO Scholarship Commitment Letter.

Applications for scholarships can be emailed to OSSOHOUSTON@GMAIL.COM, attention: Scholarship Chair: Gabriel Garcia, no later than May 10, 2019 @ 11:59 pm (central) time. Applications and transcripts that are mailed by U.S. mail must be received by May 11th. Applications for scholarship submitted by U.S Mail should be submitted to HPD OSSO Scholarship Committee 2019 Chair, Attention: Gabriel Garcia at 901 North Loop Houston, Texas 77022.



  • Must attend or plan to attend an associate or bachelor’s degree program within one year of notification of selection for scholarship.  Previous students are eligible and may reapply. Dual Credit/Early Admission program participants are also eligible.

  • GPA must be 2.5 or higher

  • Packets should include the following and be postmarked no later than May 4, 2019 if mailed by United States Mail. If you choose to email your scholarship application it must be in by the scholarship deadline, May 10, 2019 @ 11:59 pm (central time). Transcripts should be received no later than the deadline:

    • A completed and signed 2019 HPD OSSO Scholarship Application Form.

    • An Official High School or College Transcript.

    • Minimum 3 page essay on the selected topic.

Essay Instructions and Questions

  • All references must be cited on a separate sheet of paper included with the essay.

  • The essay must be double spaced, no more than a 12 pt. font, and 3-5 pages.

  • You must attach a cover sheet with the title of your essay, name, cell phone number, and home address.

  • Selections will be made May 17, 2019.  Winners will receive an invite to the OSSO Scholarship Awards Dinner Banquet.    

2019 Essay Topic

The latest census data indicate that Houston's population is rapidly growing and may overtake Chicago as the third largest city in the near future.  A large portion of the growth is among the Hispanic population.  How will the population growth, particularly among the Hispanics, affect policing?

For additional questions contact:

Officer Gabriel Garcia


Text: 281-799-7559

Scholarship Application Form