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May 2016 OSSO Rolling Again

         The OSSO newsletter is rolling again! I apologize to the membership for not writing to you sooner, but it was necessary to keep the organization quiet. I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” (Mt 10:16). A little scripture always awakens the soul. However, we have been busy, busy for you and that news will be coming to you over the next few weeks.  My goal now is to move forward changing OSSO to serve you and not the clique that served themselves.  Further, an OSSO President cannot be bureaucrat, or technocrat, the OSSO President must be out in the field. I am ready to move forward and ready to serve the membership, and build your OSSO. Lets not forgot! that OSSO is the largest Hispanic law enforcement organization in the state of Texas and recent challenges concerning our membership has made OSSO a seasoned organization.

Lets move on to our issues and you know what they are:

  •  The selection of a new HPD Chief

  • Continued support of member Christopher Zamora with his victories in the federal court and now the U. S. Supreme Court against his chain of command

  • 2 Hispanic Captains out of the current list of 45

  • No Hispanics being promoted to Captain in the foreseeable future

  • No Hispanic Captains over any current investigative units

  • Not much improvement in the Lieutenant arena

  • A history of lawsuits between OSSO members and the City of Houston

  • identify and inform the membership that there is no need to invest taxpayer money into the current promotional system because it is a costly highly flawed system


            You might come to think that OSSO issues are not being heard because we contend with a bureaucratic institution that burdens itself with management by way of the winds, and fear of criticism. 

I am going to layout to you the reasons why membership in OSSO is important to you and to all Hispanics in the Law Enforcement community. Here they are, I joined HPD because I wanted a career in law enforcement not a good job, but a good job is what I have not a career. If I had a career, I would have many opportunities, but the crosshairs of discipline and disappointment are always ready for us.

I served in our U.S. armed forces and got treated better there than I have in HPD. Our country has built our armed forces into a professional institution through a merit based protocol. Our leadership needs to reward and build a similar vibrant professional institution. This is how the 15 dollars you pay in dues will work to protect and build that vibrant institution that we all want and our city needs:

  • OSSO has built a legal apparatus that serves you and that translates into you being entitled to legal protection while in the performance of your duty on or off at no cost to you

  • The OSSO legal account possess hundreds of thousand of dollars not tens of thousands and that is good for OSSO members

  • A college scholarship program designed distinctly for our membership that your loved ones may apply for year after year while working on their degrees

  • Membership in the largest law enforcement Hispanic organization in the state of Texas

  • A website that is read nationally and is a source for news in the Hispanic community

  • An organization committed to fighting and defending you when the tools of favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism are used against you 

  • OSSO has built a political protocol that holds our local politicians accountable to share  our friendship

  • A Christmas party for our membership that includes a dinner and a place to bring your family

  • OSSO is a strong voice for an increase for Spanish speaking language pay and a complete rebuilding of the promotional system that will serve our city not the national progressive agenda that weighs down our opportunities

  • When an OSSO member passes a promotional exam that member is reimbursed for 1/2 the cost of the books

  • When that same OSSO member is promoted they are reimbursed for the final 1/2 cost of the books

  • If an OSSO members files a grievance, OSSO will pay the entire cost for our member to fight against the harm against them and stand with them

            OSSO needs you and you need OSSO, so join today or tomorrow and lets take that next step in building and keeping the largest Hispanic law enforcement organization in the state of Texas here in Houston.

Domingo Garcia

OSSO President

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