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Your contributions are needed.  If any members knows any organization or business willing to donate to OSSO please let a board member know, donations are always needed and appreciated.


The vision of the Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers is to enable a closer and more effective working relationship between Houston Police Officers and the community we serve. 


At the same time, OSSO seeks to fund programs that include those needed to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and to ensure our members have the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and abilities to assume a leadership role.


Your comments and suggestions are elicited to enable us to better interact and collaborate with you while also providing opportunities for both our citizens and our police officers to better develop themselves.


If you would like to make a donation send a check or money order to:


Houston Police Organization of

Spanish Speaking Officers

901 North Loop 

Houston, TX. 77022


You can also contact our office at 713-632-4289 or through our Contact Us page. 

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