Domingo Garcia, President

Message from the President

2016 - My goals for OSSO are clear:


  • Keep service to the membership our #1 goal

  • Continue to grow the membership

  • Increase the strength of our legal apparatus

  • Reach out to a new set of politicians that appreciate a real friendship with OSSO

  • Reorganize the OSSO website to accommodate national interest & recognition

  • Provide leadership and training to other Hispanic Police organizations

  • Continue to increase the gift & interest in the OSSO scholarship program

  • Provide our members a first class organization for a very good price


Finally, I know many of you and you know me and you know that I am always ready to serve you and enter the arena for a good fight on your behalf. I'll show them that we are brave, I came from a family of vaqueros and rancheros and I have kept to our tradition that we are always ready.  

!!!Viva Cristo Rey!!! Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!!!

!!!Que Viva!!!

Domingo Garcia

President of OSSO