For over thirty years, OSSO has committed to represent officers work

related issues for safety, equality , dignity and respect.


Many other brave officers committed their time and knowledge as Presidents and board members to ensure that issues werefought with professionalism and fairness.


In the beginning Hispanic officers issues were seen as Hispanic only, but time has changed and so has our membership. Our diversity has given this organization a new outlook and strength. 


I remind everyone that although we call ourselves the Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers, you do not have to speak Spanish to be a member.  


The time is now to continue to pave the way for diverse membership and growth.  Houston is a melting pot for diversity, join OSSO and help make a difference.


Custom Representation where your issues are important to us.


The Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers has created a diverse membership over the years. The goal of our organization is to assist minorities in special issues that they face in their day to day work life.


The object of O.S.S.O. is strength through a united effort, guided by intelligence. Such unity essential for the mutual protection and advancement of interests and general welfare of law enforcement officers. We believe this is the hallmark of any organization.